Lynca Meats’ starts as a family run 100 sow piggery under the name Lyncavarkboerdery CC.


The company grows into Lynca Abattoir, a 400 pig a week abattoir and deboning plant.


Growth, escalates to a 1500 pig a week operation. Launching of New Style Pork (Pty) Ltd, a sister company to Lyncavarkboerdery CC, producing top quality bacons, hams, spare ribs and sausages utilising the quality raw material from Lynca Abattoir.


The assets and brands of Lyncavarkboerdery CC and New Style Pork (Pty) Ltd are acquired by Debsteer (Pty) Ltd, an investment company owned by a broad base of individual investors including management.


Debsteer (Pty) Ltd, changes its name to New Style Pork (Pty) Ltd.

2011 – present

New Style Pork (Pty) Ltd rebrands itself as Lynca Meats and produces product under the Lynca Abattoir and New Style Pork brands. Rapid expansion continues to take place and the facility is upgraded to a 4000 pig per week facility.