Caring all the way

From farm to you

Lynca Meats takes every step possible to ensure that the utmost care is given to our farms and our pigs. Through our caring approach and by taking ownership of everything we do, we are able to provide a holistic, top-quality offering, from farm to you.

Our farmers

Our carefully selected farmer base uses a best-in-class genetic supply.

This guarantees that our pork sets the standard in quality, consistency and value for money.

Our farmers’ annual audits and the esteemed Pork 360 Quality and Traceability system accredit our pigs as:

  • Residue-, hormone-, antibiotic and chemical-free
  • Receiving humane treatment on farm
  • Reared in modern, technologically advanced housing with scientifically balanced rations
  • Having the best meat quality control through feed formulations, weight control, age control and stress-free environments
  • Best classified for enhanced taste, juiciness, colour, fat content and drip loss, along with being taint-free



Our abattoir

Our independently accredited Pork 360 farmers meet the very highest animal welfare standards.

In addition to the Pork 360 standards, we can proudly state that our pigs are farmed and housed under optimal climatic conditions in sow-friendly stall (>50%) and sow-friendly crate (>70%) group housing systems.

Our pigs are not gassed with CO2. We also maintain a good standing with the SPCA. They frequently inspect our facility to confirm best-in-class animal welfare practices.



Our 17 000 m2 production facility has its own Abattoir, which is FSSC 22000, Export (ZA14) and Pork 360 accredited.

With an Independent Veterinarian, Independent Meat Inspectors and our onsite State Veterinarian, coupled with best-in-class systems, we produce, what we firmly believe, are amongst the country’s safest fresh and processed pork products. Our one-of-a-kind deboning facility follows ESS-FOOD’s international specification codes for Primal Cuts, ensuring consistent and fit-for-purpose cuts. Our various Critical Control Points and overall Quality Control ensure compliance with these specifications.




Our state-of-the-art facilities are FSSC 22000 certified, underlying our unyielding commitment to food safety, technical excellence and superior quality.

Our fully independent and dedicated Quality Assurance and Quality Management teams of over 40 people, alongside our fully equipped Test Kitchen, ensure every batch is positively released. 

Our complete audit trail affords our customers the highest level of security and ensures full traceability in every product we produce back to the farm. 

From our state-of-the-art packaging plant, we supply great quality processed products including bacons, hams, pizza toppings, sausages and ribs, as well as smoked and pickled products. We also supply both fresh and frozen meat products such as carcasses, primal cuts and offal, plus we offer contract deboning and slaughter services.


Food safety

Ensuring food safety, a complex task, is essential for our existence and something we take very seriously. We also want our pork products to be nourishing.

Our FSSC 22000, Pork 360, ZA14 and DAFF 5 Star Abattoir accreditations bear testament to our unyielding commitment to food safety. Weekly microbiological tests are conducted with an independent SANAS approved laboratory to ensure safe raw material input and safe final product. 

The health and safety of our people as well as the environment are of paramount importance to us. 

Lynca Meats has an onsite canteen and a clinic where the nursing sister conducts scheduled check-ups on our employees. 

Internal consultants, as well as independent health and safety and environmental responsibility consultants, ensure compliance at the highest levels.

Our fully equipped Test Kitchen plays a vital part in the final evaluation process. It ensures that our products meet our stringent quality criteria before they are released to the market.

Whilst food safety and quality are assured through good manufacturing practices, the heart of bringing this to fruition lies in the development and nurturing of long-term relationships between all parties, from farm to fork, in the quality management chain. 

Lynca Meats prides itself on partnering with its suppliers and customers alike.

Organoleptic and specification evaluations are conducted on a daily basis with both the average consumer and qualified quality personnel to give balanced and unbiased feedback with regards to the taste, smell, visual appearance and texture of the products that are tested.