Safety & Quality

At Lynca Meats, we not only care about what we do, but how we do it – which is to the best of our abilities.

Our top priorities are pork food safety and quality, combined with technical excellence. To this end, our best-in-class practices and systems result in high-quality pork products that secure the necessary industry accreditations and certifications.

Customers and consumers can also enjoy peace of mind thanks to full pork traceability.

Our Processes

Want to know more about our farm, abattoir, deboning facility, processing facilities, quality control measures and corporate responsibility?

Food Safety Policy

We are committed to the establishment, implementation, maintenance, management and continuous improvement of a food safety system.

  • We consistently apply our own holistic quality management system at all levels. Our customers and consumers put their trust in us every time they sit down for a meal featuring one of our many products.
  • Food safety starts on the farm. Our farmers have rigorous systems in place to ensure healthy animals. Food safety continues at the processing and cutting plants. We follow meticulous and exacting procedures to produce what we firmly believe is amongst the country’s safest pork.
  • Our best-in-class systems rate amongst the best in the world. This ensures full traceability of your meat products, from farm to point of sale. Our complete audit trail of meat affords you the highest level of security.
  • All our sites are independently audited and accredited. This is done by numerous role players in order to obtain the necessary certifications.
  • We source all our pigs from farmers who have the required industry-approved animal welfare certifications.
  • We continue to make significant strides towards our quest to transition our farmers to group housing systems over time.
  • We do not gas our pigs with CO2 and we ensure that all the pigs we receive have antibiotic-free (ATBF) certification.
  • We maintain a good standing with the SPCA, an organisation that regularly inspects our facilities to confirm good welfare practices.

Food safety is an increasingly complex undertaking.
Producing safe, high-quality, nourishing food is fundamental to Lynca Meats’ very existence.

Congratulations to the Lynca Meats Quality Team for consistently achieving FSSC 22000 accreditation and our new HACCP Certificate which is valid until 2023.

  • Pork 360 Certificate
  • Abattoir Registration
  • FSSC 22000 Certificate
  • HACCP & FSSC Certificates
  • PPP Approved Facility (ZA14P)
  • Food Safety Assessment Audits
  • Export Status Certificate (ZA14)
  • High Throughput Red Meat Abattoir for The Year 2017