Lynca Factory Shop helps local economy bring home the bacon

It’s only been open for just over a month, and the Meyerton factory store of Lynca Meats – One of South Africa’s leading and largest suppliers of high-quality locally manufactured pork products – is having an impact in the local community in a way that goes far beyond offering just great prices.

5 Common Myths About Pork: Busted!

Pigs are some of the earliest forms of livestock, first domesticated around 8,500 BC. Since then, pork as a protein source has become a favourite meat around the globe. However, many myths surround pork and its consumption, fueled in part by diverse religious and cultural beliefs, but also by misunderstanding and misinformation. Here are the facts behind 5 of the most common myths.

Fire Up the Braai – South Africa’s Pork Industry is Set for a Revolution

Pork producers in South Africa are forging ahead with innovation and optimism in uncertain times. The industry has changed drastically over the last few decades – with dietary concerns, disease outbreaks, climate change and other factors all playing a role. Brent Fairlie, CEO at one of South Africa’s largest pork producers, Lynca Meats, lets us in on why, in a country where chicken has always been a firm favourite, pork is poised to make a strong comeback.

HACCP & FSSC Certificates

Food safety is an increasingly complex undertaking and producing safe, high quality and nourishing food are fundamental to Lynca Meats’…

Lynca Meats Steamed Pork Buns

Our Steamed Pork Bun recipe is inspired by the Chinese dish, Char Siu Bao. Try serving them the traditional way…