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November 3, 2022

We speak to Brent Fairlie, CEO of Lynca Meats, about how consuming pork is not only a healthy dietary option, but it will also help stretch your monthly grocery budget as it is one of the most affordable types of meat currently on the market.

3 November 2022, Johannesburg: Pork is one of the most consumed meats globally – a testament to the fact that it is delicious. However, did you know that pork is also one of the most nutritious red meats? Brent Fairlie, CEO of Lynca Meats, south Africa’s leading and largest supplier of high-quality, locally manufactured pork products, explains: “Pork meat is high in protein and fat content. It is also an excellent source of Niacin, Iron, Zinc, and Vitamins D, B6 and B12. It is packed full of vitamins and minerals, such as phosphorus, selenium, and thiamine, and it contains all nine essential acids.”

Sounds good, but even better than that, is the fact that pork is also really affordable. Brent explains why pork is so much more affordable than beef and lamb: “The reason why pork comes in at such an affordable price point is because pigs are easy to breed, raise and feed. They grow really quickly, and they are resilient animals, which makes them a highly economical farm animal.”

Pork comes from pigs that have been slaughtered between the ages of 6 and 12 months. Brent notes that it is an exceptionally versatile meat: “Pork is light pink in colour, firm and fine-grained. It is exceptionally well marbled and covered in an outer layer of firm white fat, which not only adds to the flavour of the meat, but also ensures that it doesn’t dry out easily.” He says that less than half the meat is used for fresh meat cuts, while the remainder is used to make bacon, ham, sausage, and lard.

With the ever-rising cost of living, pork is an excellent choice to add to your shopping list, as it will help you to stretch your monthly grocery budget, without compromising on health, taste, and quality. Brent says that there are several cuts of pork that deliver on both price and flavour:

Sirloin chops

  • What is it: The most budget-friendly pork chops, sirloin chops are cut from the back of the pig’s loin, near to the hip area.
  • The best way to cook it: Since these chops are a tougher cut, and contain more fat marbling, they are best braised in a slow cooker.
  • Recipe inspiration:Pineapple Pork Chop Recipe:


  • What is it: Cut from the bottom section of the ribs and the breastbone.
  • The best way to cook it: Cooked in the oven or the grill, the best way to prepare spareribs is by slow cooking them over a low heat. First you marinade them, then braise them to seal in the flavour, and lastly, you bake them at a low temperature for several hours.
  • Recipe inspiration: Jimmy’s Famous Spareribs:

Pork shoulder

  • What is it: This is a large cut from the pig’s shoulder region. It can be bought with or without the bone.
  • The best way to cook it: Commonly used for pulled pork, stews and ragús, this cut benefits from slow cooking at a low temperature – resulting in a tender and juicy end dish. It is exceptionally versatile, and can be braised or stewed.
  • Recipe inspiration: Pulled Pork Tacos Recipe:

Pork Loin Roast

  • What is it: It is cut from the full loin, which runs along the back of the animal from shoulder to hip. It can be bought with or without the bone.
  • The best way to cook it: Versatile and easy to prepare, the best way to prepare a loin roast is to oven-roast it at a low temperature, or to cook it over indirect heat on the grill.
  • Recipe inspiration: Orange-glazed Pork Loin Recipe:

Pork mince

  • What is it: Made from various parts of the pig, usually the shoulder and loin ends, that has been minced together.
  • The best way to cook it: Since it usually has a comparatively high fat content, ground pork is an excellent choice for sauces, such as bolognaise for example, as it will produce a rich sausage-like flavour once cooked. It is also an excellent ingredient for making burgers, meatloaf, and meatballs.
  • Recipe inspiration: Pork Bobotie Recipe:

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