3 Porky and Proudly South African Ways to Celebrate Heritage Day

September 23, 2021

South Africa is a country of many proudly celebrated backgrounds, languages, and cultures – reflected by enormous variety of flavours that can be experienced in communities and cities all over the country.

With influences from as far afield as the Netherlands, Portugal, India, and Indonesia – not to mention a massive melting-pot of African flavours from around the continent, there are as many ways to celebrate Heritage Day as there are unique communities in the country.

A few dishes, however, stand out as SA classics time and time again. Maybe it’s our love of a long, slow cook that allows us to gather around a fire, or maybe it’s that sneaky desire to experience the dishes of our mothers and grandmothers. Whatever the reason, try any (or all!) of our Heritage Day recipe recommendations for a porky way to celebrate being South African!

Find the full recipes and SO many more in the PERFECT PORK COOKBOOK, Oink! by Billy Forssman in collaboration with LYNCA MEATS. Within the pages of this magnificent Pork Cookery book, you will find loads of favourite recipes from the LYNCA MEATS family, their contribution being a way to proudly promote and truly celebrate the love of pork.

Asian Influences: Classic Bobotie

The terrible legacy of the slave trade in the Cape established large communities of Indonesian and Malaysian South Africans in the 1650s. With them came their best-loved cooking traditions and the fragrant spices that can be enjoyed in a wide variety of local dishes today – none more iconic than the classic sweet, savoury and spicy comfort food of Bobotie.

Our recipe is a twist that elevates this crowd-pleasing staple with deliciously rich pork mince rather than beef, without sacrificing any of the flavour that makes this a perfect Heritage Day dish.

Low and Slow: Pulled Pork Potjie

A one-pot wonder that feeds armies of hungry family members and leaves plenty of room for you to add your own personal touches, a beautiful meat-and-veg potjie, using the pork shoulder, is easy to prepare and hard to beat in terms of flavour.

Slow cooking time means you and your family have plenty of time to sit around outdoors and catch up while it simmers – a perfect recipe for a lazy Heritage Day spent in the sun. Try our Lumberjacks & Jills’ Pulled Pork Potjie for a meaty treat family and friends will love.

Firm Favourite Around the Fire: Shisa Nyama-Style Chops

Meat, fire, friends, and family – need we say more? Grilling meat over hot coals is a tradition that goes back thousands of years and is treasured by all South Africans as the perfect way to soak up the summer months. Our Shisa Nyama-style Pork Chops with Bacon Chakalaka uses pork neck chops to keep things tender and falling off the bone. This one’s a definite winner for your Heritage Day braai this month!

Oink! by Billy Forssman is available online from Exclusive Books – if you’re looking for new, hearty, and delicious ways to celebrate the beautiful cultures of South Africa this Heritage Day, a browse through its dozens of easy recipes with gorgeous full-colour photography is sure to inspire some pork-based perfection! Get it here: https://www.exclusivebooks.co.za/product/9781928429401.

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