Rib-licking goodness – unveiling the juicy chronicles of pork ribs

June 30, 2023

Many meat-eaters are united in their love of juicy PORK RIBS – they are not only delicious, but they are fun to make and even more enjoyable to eat!

There is no doubt that PORK RIBS are a firm favourite – they are the perfect messy food to share with family and friends on any occasion. Whether you are braaiing or roasting, you can count on the fact that quality PORK RIBS from LYNCA MEATS, will always be a winner! When seasoned and marinated, PORK RIBS are irresistible due to their juicy and tender texture, and rich delicious flavour. There are three main PORK RIB CUT – read on to find out how to best prepare each of them:

  • PORK BELLY RIBS come from the belly of the pig, they contain more fat and are a little tougher than other rib cuts. Slow cooking is the best cooking method for PORK BELLY RIBS – cook until the meat falls off the bone, and then once cooked, grill to caramelise the juices and marinade.

Recipe suggestion: Jimmy’s Famous Spareribs

  • PORK LOIN RIBS are cut from the top of the rib cage. Since these ribs are comparatively small, they’re often referred to as “baby back ribs” or “back ribs”. PORK LOIN RIBS are quite lean and tender, and therefore they do not need to be cooked for as long as other rib cuts. In fact, cooking for too long will leave the rib dry and stringy. Braaiing, smoking and roasting are the preferred cooking methods for this cut.

Recipe suggestion: Back ribs with Garlic and Lemon

  • PORK SHOULDER RIBS come from the blade shoulder of the pig, making this cut meatier and larger than the other rib cuts. PORK SHOULDER RIBS are quite tough and contain a considerable amount of fat. Since they are larger than the other cuts, they need to be cooked long and slow to adequately tenderise and soften the meat. They are best seasoned and left to marinade overnight so that the flavours seep into the meat.

Different cooking methods for ribs

Not everybody has time to prepare and cook ribs from scratch. For a quick and easy way to entertain, PROCESSED PORK RIBS from LYNCA MEATS are the ideal answer. They are pre-cooked and marinated, so all that needs to be done is to grill the ribs in the oven or on the braai and serve for a failproof favourite!

However, if you prefer to prepare your ribs from scratch, here is an overview of some popular cooking methods:

Pre-boiling: For easy entertaining, you can pre-prepare PORK RIBS the day before – simply boil, place in a container with your choice of marinade, and store in the fridge overnight. Remove the ribs from the fridge 30 minutes before cooking in an oven or on the braai. Boiling will help tenderise the meat and reduce some of the fat, and since the ribs are already cooked –grilling in the oven or on the braai is only for colour, crispiness and caramelisation, so it shouldn’t take too long.

Braaiing: Cooking ribs on the braai will give a delicious smokey flavour. Cook slowly on a low heat, adding more coal and wood chips to keep the temperature gentle and steady. Marinade ribs overnight and baste with additional marinade during the entire cooking process. This is a labour of love, as this cooking method requires constant attention.

Roasting: If you are after the smokey flavour, but you don’t want to be on call to monitor the ribs as you would if you were braaiing, then oven roasting is the answer. Put ribs in a pan, cover with tinfoil, and cook on a low temperature in the oven for a long time. Once cooked, take out of the oven and brush with the marinade and juices from the pan, and then roast on the grill until the glaze is nicely caramelised.

Braise and fry: Season ribs well and cook slowly in a flavourful liquid in a pot over a low heat. Then, deep-fry or blitz in an air fryer to create a delicious crusty outer layer. Once done, glaze with a warm, sticky sauce, garnish and serve.

Slow cooked and grilled: Cook in a marinade in a slow cooker or pressure cooker for hours for fall-off-the-bone consistency. Then reapply some marinade and place the ribs under the grill so that the sauce caramelises and creates a delicious brown outer crust.

LYNCA MEATS’ delicious range of Rib cuts and processed ribs can be purchased directly from the LYNCA FACTORY SHOP or find the nearest supermarket in your area by emailing info@lyncameats.co.za  or calling 016 360 4669.

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