Great Side Dishes for Pork Ribs

May 23, 2022

While delicious Lynca Pork should, of course, be at the centre of any grilled meal eaten outdoors this summer, the meal just isn’t complete without that “seven-colours” vibe of delicious accompaniments that make your guests want to Instagram their plates! 

“Who’s making salad? Who brought the rolls?” – no more of that! It’s easier than ever to impress with a little forward thinking and some inspiration from Lynca. Here are a few of our favourite side dishes to serve with BBQ ribs, chops, wors, or any other porky braai favourites.

Salads with Substance

Bean salads are a favourite for outdoor dining – no lettuce to wilt on a hot day, and well-behaved when travelling in a Tupperware. Another classic braai or picnic pairing is a pasta salad that incorporates healthy vegetables and pasta into a single delicious side-dish for ribs. To cut through the richness of a sweet, sticky side of ribs, go for flavours that are tart, zingy and refreshing. Dress it up by skipping tinned baked beans altogether. A simple salad of green beans, briefly boiled and dressed with garlic, olive oil, parsley and plenty of lemon juice is a healthy and scrumptious side that’s ready in less than 30 minutes.

For Macaroni salads, remember plenty of fresh ingredients to balance out that heavy pasta base. Mange tout or sugar-snap peas, sliced spring onions, red and green peppers, cherry tomatoes and other fresh additions make it as healthy as it is delicious. Get extra tangy flavour without the extra calories by searching the internet for pasta salads that use a yoghurt or vinaigrette type dressing rather than mayonnaise.

Southern Comfort… Mzansi Style!

The region many would call the home of the BBQ – the Southern States of the US – are known for their meat-based comfort foods (“Soul Food”). And almost no meal, including a side of delicious, sticky ribs, is complete without collard greens (Similar to kale or broccoli) and hush puppies (small balls of fried dough). Unfamiliar here at home, to be sure, but why not put a proudly South African Twist on these classic pairings with some local favourites? 

Sauteed baby spinach or Marog are delicious and packed with vitamins, and some delicious vetkoek, dombolo dumplings, corn fritters, or a side of fluffy pap are all a treat as sides for ribs and grilled meats. 

Convenient grilled veggie options

Since you’re firing up the braai anyway, why be dashing in and out of the kitchen to cook up your accompaniments on the stove when there’s a perfectly hot grill nearby! Plenty of delicious accompaniments can be made on the grill at the same time to serve with BBQ ribs, including firm favourites like grilled corn on the cob, vegetable kebabs, meaty mushrooms and just about everything in between.

Keep it easy, convenient, and above all, delicious with simple side dishes that pack a punch this summer! Visit our recipes section at for even more tasty inspiration and easy recipes.


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