Mzansi’s Rich Heritage

October 4, 2022

As South Africans, we should celebrate Heritage Day every day. Because we’re lucky enough to draw inspiration from each other. From our unique languages, cultures, art and even slang, we are a melting pot of diversity that the rest of the world looks to with admiration, and even envy.

At LYNCA MEATS, we’re ready to celebrate this rich heritage at every meal.

If you’ve ever sampled our South African cuisine, you’d understand why. From the influence of the Cape Malay spices and sweetness to the traditions of cooking over the coals, we have taken the best flavours and methods from here and around the world and made them our own. Just think of melt-in-your-mouth mogodu with pap, or ‘n lekker melktert, a spicy bobotie or flavoursome, slow-cooked Pork trotters and of course, nothing beats a good bunny chow or kota.

No matter your culture or background, as a South African, you’re bound to love sharing food with family and friends. Whether it’s a shishanyama with the guys on Friday night or a traditional Seven Colours Sunday lunch with Gogo, at LYNCA MEATS we have the recipes and the delicious fresh Pork products to make every mouthful memorable.

This September, we hope you will celebrate all the differences that set us apart, as well as all those things that bring us together. Remember, the more we share and learn about each other, the better our food and recipes will become! So let’s set our tables and invite over friends and family to celebrate this Heritage month.

At LYNCA MEATS we have something for everyone, no matter your occasion or budget. We’re sure you already have some treasured family recipes in a bound notebook, or maybe just memories of cooking with your grandmother so here are some of our favourite recipes for Heritage Day that you can add to get the celebrations started:

Pork and bean bunny chow:

Shishanyama-style chops with bacon chakalaka:

Pork bobotie:

Pork crown roast:

Pork vindaloo curry:

Mzansi's Rich Heritage

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