Pork: Great Flavour Meets Great Value!

February 2, 2022

With the economic impact of the last couple of years having wide-reaching consequences through all spheres of South Africa, many consumers are finding themselves having to tighten their belts even further with rising fuel and grocery prices to contend with.

While a trolley full of groceries seems to get more and more expensive with every passing month, isn’t it great to know there’s one delicious, satisfying and versatile meat that still packs a serious punch of value for money?

Pork, the world’s most widely-eaten meat, didn’t earn this distinction by accident. Compared to beef, lamb and even chicken, its affordability and protein-rich nutritional value makes it the ideal meat for a family meal – and millions of families around the world know it!

What makes Pork so affordable?

There are many factors that affect the price of any meat – from supply and demand to the price of animal feed, fuel, electricity, labour and much more. Pork’s worldwide popularity can also be attributed to a few factors intrinsic to the animal and the meat itself.

Reason 1: Because it’s popular!

As the world’s most popular meat, pork has been around in many forms throughout the world for centuries. High demand, as we know, leads to a strong supply over time, and this drives prices down. Put simply, people want more of it, so plenty is produced.

Reason 2: It’s versatile

Pork lends itself to many preservation techniques – from salting and brining to smoking, drying and more. From the more economical cuts of meat also come products like russians, sausages, polony and sandwich ham, extremely popular for their great price and another excellent way to ensure great value for money.

From prime cuts like tenderloin and belly, to offcuts from the butchering process that are perfect for sausages, hams and other processed products, no part of the animal goes to waste, making pork accessible to a wide range of economic brackets.

Pork offal meat is extremely popular and affordable worldwide – from affordable street specialties to Michelin Star-rated restaurants, you’ll find tripe, bone marrow, kidneys, liver, trotters, and more have retained popularity throughout the centuries, in no small part due to their attractive price tag. 

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