Pork Stews and Curries

June 28, 2023

Low and slow

Hearty and flavourful, Pork stews and curries are an excellent choice for cold winter nights. Read on for some great recipes and tips for selecting the right cut of Pork for the best Pork stew or curry.

The ultimate in winter comfort food, Pork stews and curries are easy to prepare, nutritious, delicious, and made using common and affordable ingredients. Pork Stews & curries are ideal for entertaining, as they can be made ahead of time and freeze and reheat well. Pork stews are an affordable dinner option, and if you bulk it up with delicious and nutritious vegetables, a big pot of Pork stew can go a long way to feed your family.

The best cuts of Pork for stews and curries

“There are several cuts of Pork that can be used to make stews and curries. However, the best cuts include Pork Shoulder, Belly, Neck and Sirloin. When cooked low and slow, the meat turns succulent and fork-tender, and the fatty parts render and break down – eventually turning into gelatin, which greatly enhances the flavour and texture of the end dish,” says Brent Fairlie, CEO of the leading supplier of quality Pork products, LYNCA MEATS.

Brent notes that more tender and mild-tasting cuts can also be used, such as Pork Tenderloin which are ideal if you don’t have a lot of time to cook the stew or curry, as they will cook much quicker: “You need to be careful not to over-cook the leaner cuts though.”

Cooking tips

Stewing Pork is cut into serving-size chunks or cubes. The meat is usually sold boneless, however, if possible, try and buy cuts of Pork that are still on the bone and cut it up. Throw the bone into the stew or curry while cooking, and remove once cooked, for added heartiness and taste. These bones can also be used to make healthy bone broth for dishes, such as Ramen Noodles for example.

To cook the Pork, begin by browning the meat. Once browned, remove the meat, and sauté the onions and garlic in the meat’s juices. Then add the Pork back into the pot, along with the rest of the vegetables, spices, and liquid, and cook for a few hours over a low heat. Slow cookers are the perfect appliance, as all the ingredients can be added and left overnight or during the day, without the risk of burning or over-cooking.

Pairing suggestions

Packed full of vegetables and brimming with deliciously rich gravy, pork stews and curries are a one-pot meal in themselves and can be eaten on their own. However, Stews & Curries pair exceptionally well with food that hold the juicy gravy, such as cornbread, rice, pasta, mashed potato, polenta, pap, and of course, bread.

Recipe suggestions

Pork Massaman Curry: This curry uses a variety of spices, as well as tamarind: a sweet-and-sour fruit which is made into a paste. These additions give it a rich, earthy flavour with a nice acidity, as opposed to the bright, fresher flavours of red and green curry. https://bit.ly/3Mv0gWp

Vindaloo Pork Curry: The traditional way to cook this curry is by using Pork with plenty of garlic. It became one of the most popular curries in England and is known for being super spicy-hot. https://bit.ly/3IdSWff

Pork & Aubergine Curry Recipe: Spice up your regular repertoire of banting dishes with mouth-watering Pork and Aubergine Curry. https://bit.ly/44Wj6wR

Pork-and-Bean Bunny Chow: This iconic South African street food is made by using half a hollowed-out loaf of bread, filled with a delicious curry –it is often bulked up with butter beans to make it stretch a little further. https://bit.ly/3M7CDBz

Slow-Cooked Pork Stew Recipe: This Slow Cooked Pork Stew is the ultimate lazy dinner dish – put that slow cooker to use and try it out tonight. https://bit.ly/3MdsNyq

For these and other inspirational Pork recipes, visit our recipes page: https://lyncameats.co.za/all-recipes/

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