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July 21, 2022

LYNCA MEATS was founded in 1988 as a family-run, 100-sow piggery under the name Lyncavarkboerdery CC. Today, the company is a major contributor to the Pork landscape in South Africa, processing in excess of 300 000 pigs a year.  We are still as adaptable, approachable and humble as the day we started, with the same appreciation for (and insistence on) attention to detail. LYNCA MEATS is also a place where our people want to be and our incredible team member retention is a testament to this.

We continue to supply a range of high-quality Pork products across South Africa, Africa and Asia. LYNCA MEATS is a trusted supplier of Pork products to butcheries, retailers, shops, and restaurants, and we export to established markets in Africa and Asia. 

Our principal production facility is situated outside Meyerton, South Africa, just 20 minutes south of Johannesburg. Food safety, technical excellence and quality are our priorities. To underpin this, our plant is HACCP and Export accredited.

Experts in Pork

We are trusted Pork experts who not only effectively manage the full chain, from farm to fork, but excel at consistently supplying excellent quality at great value.

Our systems rate amongst the best in class in the world, ensuring full product traceability in the origin of your Pork products, from farm to point of sale. Not only can customers always rely on our consistent scale and access to volume of raw material, they can rely on our passion for and unwavering commitment to delivering quality, customised service and value.

A wide range of quality Pork products

From primal cuts to processed products, you’ll find the Pork products you want from LYNCA MEATS. Our Processed Products range you will find bacon products, marinated cooked ribs, pizza toppings, hams, sausages, smoked and pickled products and more. Our Primal Cuts range includes Pork legs, Pork shoulder, Pork neck, Pork loin, Pork belly, spare ribs, manufacturing meat, offal and trimmings. Click here to view more of our Pork range.

Trust the LYNCA MEATS family to never let you down

We strive to consistently produce and supply high-quality Pork products at great value. We do this with the help of committed team members and trusted partners who, like us, prioritise food quality, safety and technical excellence.

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