Hop to it – Easter is nearly here!

April 5, 2023

Easter is just around the corner, so whether you are planning an intimate family lunch, or a big lunchtime or sit-down dinner affair with lots of family and friends – Judy Laidlaw, Marketing Consultant of leading supplier of quality pork products, LYNCA MEATS, offers some ideas on how you can make your Easter celebration truly egg-cellent!

For all those who celebrate Easter, it is for many, the best holidays of the year. Spiritually, it is a celebration of renewal and rebirth, but it’s also about spending time with loved ones, reflection, rest, and relaxation, and of course, enjoying some scrumptious Easter fare while you’re at it. If you are hosting an Easter celebration and you are not sure where to start, Judy offers some inspiration on Easter-inspired décor, activities for kids, and of course, how to prepare a spectacular and unforgettable show-stopping Easter meal.

Easter décor

Working out your colour palette is the best place to start. Judy says that an easy way of deciding on which colours to opt for, is to choose some Easter themed serviettes or napkins first: “Easter-themed serviettes are relatively easy to source, and they will go a long way to upgrading the look and feel of your table’s décor.”

She says that fresh flowers are a must, and they can also be used to easily set the parameters of the colour scheme for your event: “Fresh flower and fresh blooming branches will make your table setting really pop! I like to visit my nearest farmer’s market or flower seller, and see what flowers are currently in season, and use these. You can either opt for a big central Easter arrangement, or you can choose to spread smaller arrangements down the centre of the table.”

The floral arrangements can be highlighted using a variety of Easter eggs and festively wrapped Easter chocolates, as well as a selection of candles, such as tea lights, pillar candles and tapers, for a truly magnificent Easter table centerpiece. The added bonus is that if chosen well, the flowers and the candles will add an appealing aroma to the day’s proceedings – making the event more inviting and memorable to your guests.”

Kids and crafts

A big part of any family Easter celebration is, of course, the kids – so why not set up a special area especially for the little ones, notes Judy: “Making a purpose created Easter-themed play area for the kids makes the day super special for them, and it gives the adults ta bit of downtime to relax.” A very popular craft project to start the proceedings is creating an Easter basket that can be used later to collect all the eggs during the Easter egg hunt. These baskets can be made from scratch out of a variety of materials, or you can give them a ready-made basket or small bucket that can be decorated in Easter attire. Other favourites include sand art, colouring in, and even creating props for an Easter-themed photo booth.

Everybody loves a good Easter egg hunt, and if planned correctly, it can offer hours of fun for the little ones. The secret to getting this right, is to preplan the hunt beforehand. For groups of kids of varying ages, it is always best to divide the hunting area into two zones – one for the smaller kids and a separate one for the older kids. Says Judy: “Hide the eggs in very easy to find places for the younger kids, and choose more elusive spots for the older ones. Remember that the hunt doesn’t end until all the eggs are found, so be sure to count the eggs before you hide them, and keep track of each one as they are found. An easy way of doing this is to number all the eggs, and tick them off your list as they are discovered.”

Easter starters

On arrival, it is always a good idea to offer your guests some scrumptious snacks to get their appetite going. Try and avoid the normal boring chips and biltong, and rather offer something extraordinary instead – here are some suggestions:

  • BACON PUFF PASTRY TWISTS: An all-time favourite – these Puff Pastry BACON Twists will keep your guests coming back for more: https://bit.ly/3TUojjk
  • SPICY PORK SAMOOSAS: These Spicy PORK Samosas are packed with flavour. The secret is fresh coriander and good quality PORK. Serve them with a coriander dip or sweet chilli for a little something extra: https://bit.ly/3ZnrfGw
  • CHOCOLATE-COVERED BACON: Variety is the spice of life, and what would Easter be without oodles of chocolate? All the more reason to try this delicious combo of sweet and savoury: https://bit.ly/3KjY7M5

Bring on the mains

It is important to remember not to eat too much, as you will need to save space for the ultra-festive main Easter meal. Pork has long been a staple tradition for Easter meals – this was largely because historically, pigs were slaughtered in Europe in the Autumn, and cured over the winter. They were then ready to eat once spring arrived and the Lenten fast ended. Although the European spring is our autumn here is South Africa, the tradition remains. In fact, with the slow change in climate – from summer to autumn – Easter in South Africa provides the ideal time to serve a rich and hearty PORK meal to your guests. Here are some easy-to-prepare main dish suggestions that won’t fail to impress:

  • ORANGE-GLAZED PORK LOIN ROAST: Reach new flavour heights bymixing fruity citrus flavours with rich and salty pork cuts. The result? A melt in your mouth explosion of sweet and rich roast PORK LOIN: https://bit.ly/3LZgaZa
  • STUFFED PORK TENDERLOIN: This Stuffed PORK FILLET is juicy, tender and bursting with flavour of the spinach, onion and feta stuffing: https://bit.ly/40L73PL
  • BACON-WRAPPED PORK LOIN: What could be better than bacon? Not much… But we reckon this Bacon Wrapped PORK LOIN could give it a run for its money: https://bit.ly/40vZX2a
  • POMEGRANATE GAMMON: This lavish Pomegranate Gammon dish is an inspired combination of sweet, fresh and fruity that contrasts beautifully with the rich, salty flavours of gammon: https://bit.ly/40PKxVU

For these and other inspirational PORK recipes, visit our recipes page.

Hop to it – Easter is nearly here!

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